If drawing defines his youth, destiny certainly plays a role seeing Marcel H. Poirier back in front of his easel in 1968; and destiny would indeed come calling. Hailed on television by Léo Ayotte as a man wholly consumed by his passion for art, history would not belie the claim made by his peer.

By 1972, it’s one exhibit after another. In 1974, Radio- Canada features a story about his studio and in 1975, Télé-Métropole follows suit. Between 1972 and 1997, Marcel H. holds no less than fifteen solo exhibitions and
is part of almost as many group exhibitions. In 1997, after having worked abroad in Mexico and after having held an exhibition in that same country, Mr. Poirier’s career shifts gears as he makes inroads on the international

Shortly thereafter, he turns his attention to the Dominican Republic, Greece, Turkey and Australia, where he sketches in his field books. His travels then take him to South East Asia in the early 2000s, where he spends time in Viêt-nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. His time in Asia has had an enduring influence on his work.


January 10, 1946, Verdun, Quebec.


Studied art history (from 1976 to 1979). Spent two years learning to sketch alongside Léo Ayotte. Was fortunate to benefit from the likes of Narcisse Poirier, René Richard and Albert Rousseau who provided guidance and a critical eye.


Oil on canvas, dry pastel pencil drawings and acrylic on canvas.


Marcel H. has been producing ceramic works and sculpting giant totem poles since 1991. In 1997, he is asked to create a rebellion-inspired work of art for a television series by the name of Épopée en Amérique, directed by Gilles Carle.


  • Verdun Cultural Centre (solo 80)
  • Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin (group 87) (solo 89)
  • Boursed’oeuvres d’art d’Ottawa (group 88)
  • Saint-Bruno Socio-Cultural Centre (solo 91)
  • Musée Beaulne, Coaticook (solo 92)
  • Galerie Harrison (solo 95)
  • Raymond Chabot Martin Paré, Sherbrooke (solo
  • Chamber of Deputies and the National Autonomous
    University of Mexico (solos 97)
  • Visual Arts Festival of Orford (group 97).


  • Ville de Boucherville
  • Caisse d’économie des policiers de la CUM
  • Fraternité des policiers de la CUM
  • Commission des transports de la Rive-Sud
  • Fédération des caisses populaires Desjardins
  • Placements T.A.L.
  • Quebecor
  • Gaz Métropolitain
  • Télésystème.


Honorable mention at the Quebec Painting Festival (1975) and is awarded the Great Art Medal at the same festival (1978). Gold medal at the International Painting Show held in Sherbrooke where there were over 80 participants from 10 countries (1982)